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    There most likely is some application for creating zip files on Linux (isn't 7-zip available for Linux as well for example?), but in either case, just put it in some kind of archive. It doesn't matter much whether it's zip, 7-zip, gzip, or whatever
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    There is a link under the ., so it looks like spam.
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    I think garrisoning or at least a healing aura is planned for the Carthaginian Cothon, in order to give the Carthaginians more of a naval advantage.
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    Prince of Macedon and Heir of Carthage contacted.
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    av93 I don't think reducing the cc arrows is the right fix for this issue (even if it may be useful for other purposes). For this specific problem, the main problem is that farms needs too much time to be destroyed in early game when we have only soldiers (as pointed by wowgetoffourcellphone). So the alternative would be to reduce the armour of farms, but i've the impression that decaying unused fields could bring something new to the game.
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    There was been a lot of impressive work on this. Ardworix, your resoluteness is stunning. I for one, am always up for lots of factions, and I think that's why players love AoE II the most out of all the AoE games because it had the most diversity and factions. Makes strategy more interesting. But, for the Lusitanians to become a faction, you will need to come up with a suggestion and ideas for another specific Iberian faction. Just how the Celts were split into Gauls and Britons, the Iberians need to be split into Lusitanians, and a sufficiently different faction for this to work. Great dedication though!
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    I'm unhappy with some situations in the game. When you try raze houses you need give order to raze one per one, that's I prefer a switch mode. -switch : capture/raze
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