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    I totally disagree here. Being tenacious is useful. I remember a game where I held out in a pond with two warships and prevented my enemy from building any docks. It's not poor sportsmanship, it's teaching the other player to be more agressive (and actually win).
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    I will start workin on the program to make the mod info files (give me about 4-5 hours, (if that))
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    It would be an idea for each faction to have its own morale-boosting unit. A druid for the Britons, Eagle-bearer for the Romans, someone would no doubt have a horn
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    May I ask which kind of palms are used? Also I noticed some glitches in the palm base (similar to as if the faces are duplicate.) Lastly I noticed a couple of verts óutside the texture space.
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    Oh, i wish to play your mod as soon as possible.
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    I like it. It's a mod we should not forget about. Especially I wish to reuse this mod later for alarming/informing faraway units of what is happening. (for the Hybrid Hannibal AI where units have a group/self-awareness but are not omniscient)
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    Realms of Magic and Council of modders is proud to present Enhanced Blood Reward Enhanced blood combat features the following features Bugs Todo github checkou Zip Package Credits
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    Hello, I'm so happy to see a Viking Civ in the works! Has anybody here been following the History Channel's "Vikings"? I do believe you will find a lot of inspiration from it! http://www.history.com/shows/vikings
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    I just managed to hit the 90% mark and I hope I'm still in time for getting into the SVN?
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    I second hhyloc. For now, when we do the campaigns, we can have a simple messages [dialogues] with no voice over work. That way, the dialogues are already there, and voice over work could follow. As to 0 AD winning over more players, yes, I do believe that player count would increase once we give them campaigns, and the ability to create their own scenarios/ edit campaign variables. I, myself, would be looking forward to it.
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    Those are already in the egyptian statue set I made a while ago...
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    "Strategic" Campaigns, akin to Total War are more likely than "narrative" campaigns (like seen in Age of Mythology) simply because of the vast amount of work necessary to achieve a good result for a narrative campaign (storyline, writing, scripting, voice acting, etc.). Could have "mini" Strategic Campaigns (Peloponnesian War, Punic Wars, etc.) and a "Grand" Campaign, like you said. And also different victory conditions as you mention. The different victory conditions would allow us to add historical flavor while still not having to go through all the work of making proper narrative campaigns. In the end, we could always give folks the ability to make their own narrative campaigns, and we probably will.
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