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    Hey guys, why not combine both methods? I mean looking at Pureons mockups there is still enough space in the Match Setup Menu to integrate a button for something like "Show me the civs" right next to the civs dropdown menu. When clicking at this button you could get Michaels new AoM-Civ-Selection Submenu. With this design people who already know what they want to play can select their civ easy and fast while others who need some infomration about the civs can go to the extra menu.
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    I agree with FeXoR about the "usability problems", but only in multiplayer mode. In single player mode, there isn't going to be a real problem with this and in fact, AoM only had such a selection screen for single player games. Although we should remember that after a player gets familiar with the civs, he really doesn't need to see all of these information for each game. It is like forcing the players to see the intro video of the game because it contains valuable gameplay information.
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    Below are updated Photoshop visuals using the new official font and chosen button design. Note: content shown may not match latest game screens
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    I've added support for using the scrollwheel in SVN. Personally, I agree with FeXoR on the civilization selection issue and I think that a good contextual help system would work better over a dedicated page. But I think this discussion is on the brink of descending to a heated argument which is silly because: The GUI department doesn't have the resources to implement major features any time soon.This is a trivial issue. Come on, 28 posts on this alone. Really?As for Pureon's new mockups: I really like them, but the yellow buttons distastefully remind me of our first GUI version.
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    OK, I fiddled with the code a bit. It seems that these lines in the end are the cause of the problem: myReliefmap = getRescaledReliefmap(myReliefmap, heightRange.min, heightRange.max); // This is risky since it might bring players on another height! setReliefmap(myReliefmap); You basically lower the grounds where there are trees into the water area. Your placers and constraints are working properly. I commented them out, deleted the extra "setReliefmap(myReliefmap);" in other parts of the code, and it worked. It seems that you should change the way you generate the map a bit to fix it.
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    Didn't realise until now: Thank you feneur. The Council of Modders - Come take a seat! Creativity in Marble for Strength - Lorem Virtus enim Marmor. It has already begun without my humble self being part of it ... it's time to move some content from this thread and carefully place references to the most recent version. This is the template I used: [size=7]For a more up to date version, see: [url=http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18399] -> CoM - Collection of Ideas <-[/url][/size](only working per copy & paste if you switch into raw mode, i.e. BBCode mode, the switch on the very top left of the editor's header.) Agreed. It's superfluous currently as I'm occupied with more generic features/mods currently.Now the 0 A.D. community gave us both. This is a reason to be motivated. My gratitude to all.
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    Finally under version control: https://htmlpreview.github.io/?http://github.com/worlddevelopment/virtual_time_machine/blob/master/status_functionality_ideas.html Long list, but I like it. Did we forget anything? Good day! Still a lot of room for your ideas! Feel free to propose in this thread or provide a pull request on Github.
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    Here I post my tutorial about template modding and unit creation. Enjoy! I hope you learn a lot of it! If you still have some questions, feel free to ask. edit: the resulting files can be found here: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=7532 edit2: From now on, the tutorial can be found in the wiki: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/CreatingNewUnits This wiki page contains additional info (compared to the pdf document) with regards to setting up your mod, to work with the Mod Selector found in 0 A.D. Tutorial Unit creationv1.pdf
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    Hello, After reading a while on this forums I though I should register myself. I'am playing 0 A.D. for a year (or more, don't really know it). I wanted to contribute to the project, so I helped a bit on the dutch translation. Maybe one day (if I have a lot of time) I could contribute a bit of C++... I live in Antwerp (Belgium), I study computer science, and I'm a musician. Mathias
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    Good morning, I just wrote an article in a magazine from Barcelona about 0 A.D. Link: http://lacolumna.cat/0ad-videojoc-codi-programari-lliure-estrategia
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    I disagree with the "usability problem" issue. There are several ways we could show the civs of other player (one I just thought of is a ring of color, à la "xbox controller", around the civ chosen by a player). We can perfectly add some quick info on top of Mythos mockup, such as the map and its size. Also, if we implement something like "double-click on a civ makes you select it" the extra click become meaningless.
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    Part 2 covers 1-500 AD Tang dynasty didn't start until 618 AD so its pretty much out of the question. Personally I think the Three Kingdoms wouldn't be different enough to justify 3 separate factions. And if ROTE is still happening, I think the best dynasties to include would be the Jin (265-420) and Northern Wei(386-535 and not to be confused with Cao Cao's Wei). So basically, the Jin can be like how you'd expect a typical Chinese faction with massed infantry and lots and lots of crossbow men, whist the Northern Wei would have steppe nomad influences with cavalry archers and cataphracts. On a further note, imagine how epic would it be having a wonder a bit like this: That's the Longmen Grottoes, built during the Northern Wei. Just a lil suggestion of mine, coz it would be a huge shame not to include China as a faction in the official game in some form...
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    I'm not proud of being but I'm. Anyway, it's true than most of catalans wouldn't say that! Hahahaha Yo también me alegro de que haya hispanohablantes
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    Here is a good read from the University of Helsinki website: Assyrian Chariotry and Cavalry.pdf
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    So here are four files. Smd version of the cart Dae - Zup Dae - Yup Dae - Baked Animation Cart.7z
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    Visual size vs obstruction size: But we can make the obstruction larger. Visual shape vs obstruction shape: Non-square/circular obstructions will most likely result in more unwanted behavior as well. Before introducing this (if at all) make sure those units can still guarantied perform all possible move commands. (I've seen no game where this worked so I'd say: Hands off!)
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    I like the fact that you can quickly see unique units etc and a more detailed random selector.
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    Why do we need a window/full screen menu to select the civ when one dropdown menu can do it? For me this would be a change for the worse... (I have nothing against adding "random groups") To have such things for the single player campaign would be OK but in MP I'd always like to see what other players pick.
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    The SpiderMonkey upgrade is ready for review. Check the comments on trac and get it from my github repository if you want to help testing and reviewing.
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