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    OK the new SoundManager code is in a patch attached to its trac ticket (I'll also attach it here) http://trac.wildfire...com/ticket/1766 This is a diff against the latest svn trunk, so patching should not be a problem. I'll be AFK for a week (so I didn't want to check changes in), hopefully this will work fine and can be incorporated during my absence or when I get back. Battles should sound much fuller, and should work much better in low resource environments. Also there is some extra logging here, about going into and out of distress mode. Going into distress mode dues to shortage and coming out with a 0 error count is normal (during large battles) and good behavior. On MacOs there seem to be times the system returns an unknown error when it can't play a sound. So in that case you might go into distress mode on an error and emerge with a big error count. I think this is also not a big problem. It shouldn't happen on non-mac platforms (let me know if it does) and doesn't affect the sound noticeably (also let me know). I can try and track down the exact cause of the issue in the future. Enjoy! soundManagerEntity.patch
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    https://www.dropbox.com/s/e96orfydl4g7v56/mauryan-LargeBoat-2.zip I tweaked the texture for the large boat by adding more padding to remove bleeding. I also added a bit more geometry to the sails to remove that awkward shading. The collada file contains the texture and the model with the proprs. @Enrique: I think I figured out why the pivot of the model changes upon exporting. It seems that whenever I export the main mesh (in this case the boat) along with those prop points (helpers), the pivot point assumes the average position of the boat and the helpers. That's why the water appears above the hull when you import it in the game engine. At this point I don't know how to prevent the pivot point to move when exporting, but I'll try to find a solution. -nick
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    Probably the sail needs more geometry and to be on the safe side the texture needs some padding (on top of the 2 pixel padding it already has). I'll take care of it
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    That appears to be because he forgot to set those faces smooth.
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    This is my first go at the smaller boat with two sails. Not many changes so far from the larger boat, but it's still work in progress
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