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    Right. I don't think there is yet the capability to swap a unit to another with a currently implemented tech effect. I agree though that it would be useful to be able to do this in the future -- "Marian Reforms" or "Military Reforms" etc. I could see a "Marian Reforms" tech for the Part 1 Romans that turns all the player's infantry into Marian Legionaries for a high cost, similar to the Norse "Ragnarok" in Age of Mythology. And then, of course, we could add other "reforms" techs to other civs, like the Ptolemies, Macedonians, and Seleucids to upgrade their pikemen to later forms or to upgrade their Thureophoroi to "Roman-style" Thorakites, or Hypaspists to Silver Shields.
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    Revision 13060 changes the attack animation naming scheme in the actor files. This is done to allow for multiple attack animations (melee, slaughter, ranged, etc). Everyone making a mod (and creating/modifying the actors) will have to adjust to this change (see #1686 for a script to ease some of the changes). Example: <animation event="0.59" file="biped/rider_javelin_atk_a.psa" load="0" name="Melee" speed="50"/> becomes <animation event="0.59" file="biped/rider_javelin_atk_a.psa" load="0" name="attack_ranged" speed="50"/> where attack_ranged is one of attack_melee, attack_ranged, attack_charge (currently unused), attack_slaughter. The slaughter animations were previously using the (single) attack animation, which resulted in some visual awkwardness for ranged units. They should now be using a melee attack animation (using a sword/knife), but as there are a lot of units/actors I would like you to post here about related issues (missing slaughter animation, no attack animation played while it was played previously, etc).
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    Thanks for incorporating this, I hope it helps in the future
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