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  2. Sweet ! The details, though if you want to do more armors, why not For some reason they look better than yours (no offense, also not all of them) but I can't pinpoint why they look better, maybe it's because they have a normal map, which you can by the way enable on animated meshes by setting gpuskinning = "true" in your game options, or maybe it's because they have more details, or different shadows. Maybe @wowgetoffyourcellphone or @LordGood could give you a better insight.
  3. i didnt play AOE but that catapult vs healer thing is on spot so much even in 0ad. especially the catapult AI. + add to that these long pack/unpack times like.. lmao wolf+house thing op too
  4. Ptolemy IV, according to the design document for the Ptolemaic faction. (I will replace it with muscle cuirass, sorry) Specific Name: Ptolemaios D' Philopater. Body: Bronze muscled cuirass over a long flowing Egyptian tunic. Sandals. Helmet: Laurel wreath crown @Stan` Is it the details of the armor which you linked or the overall appearance of the armor which you want me to reproduce?
  5. So let the women built the homes where they will spend the rest of their lives (joke)
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  7. @wackyserious Some ideas for you https://www.artstation.com/artwork/94ZkR https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=72668.0 http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?633346-Lines-of-Battle-New-textures-unit-Previews/page2&styleid=41 Can you try to add more details like this ? (From the 3rd link) EDIT: I believe we have no special texture for Ptolemy IV, a very brief description can be found here: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Civ%3A_Ptolemies
  8. @Nescio Could be, I just recreated the current game texture for Alexander the Great.
  9. What makes you skeptical regarding the eyes? Is there a more reliable source that contradicts Arrian's claim? If you're not aware, I might have been a bit sarcastic about the importance of depicting that in the actual game; I just found it to be an interesting physical description I had never heard before.
  10. may be there is not such policies
  11. Something that annoys me are the chitons (tunics) of several basic units currently in game, e.g.: mace_infantry_pikeman_b, mace_infantry_javelinist_b, mace_infantry_slinger_b, mace_infantry_archer_b. Wearing the tunic only over the left shoulder was a characteristic of slaves and serfs, leaving the right arm free for hard labour. Free men wore a tunic closing at both shoulders. With the exception of the helots (spart_infantry_javelinist), all warriors in Antiquity were free men and none of them should thus leave a shoulder or chest bare. Perhaps the following text is useful: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_Decree_of_Amphipolis (Full inscription at https://epigraphy.packhum.org/text/152464 ) Inspired by this? That eye-colour bit is nonsense, but his haircut was famous:
  12. B A S I L E U S (Phílippos B' ho Makedṓn) Macedonian Ceremonial Armor from the Royal Tombs of Aigai
  13. You can garrison the citizen in the house to unblock him.
  14. It comes down to the fact that all buildings have what is called an obstruction outline and it is usually just a few pixels larger that the actual building so buildings can be used as walls though it is legal it's not all that effective Enjoy the Choice
  15. A little more detail and a spec map. Almost done B A S I L E U S Macedonian Ceremonial Armor from the Royal Tombs of Aigai
  16. In every game i have to kill some of my units because they get stuck in between buildings they build themselves. So if u build a house (e.g.) as close to another as u can, they cant pass around it anymore after the building is completed. So u have to demolish the house or kill the unit. I have thought about building walls out of my houses as secondary wall system. is that intended ("legal")? It would be nice if you leave enough space around buildings´ base areas so that cant happen anymore.
  17. A general unit head texture overhaul is currently being planned. I will take note of this one, thanks!
  18. Well done, but to quibble over a few points, Alexander the Great's appearance was best depicted (at least according to Plutarch) by a statue of Lysippus, of which there is a Roman copy. Emphasising the curls would be especially good. Arrian apparently also states that he had a brown and a blue eye. You can ignore the hair bit, but in game, the eyes will definitely be seen as an inaccuracy unless you painstakingly change them.
  19. B A S I L E U S (Aléxandros ho Mégas) A texture upgrade for the Macedonian hero Alexander the Great
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  21. Well here is another one. Name is UsmanK current rating at time of game. (1222) It's kind of sad I mean if ur losing then resign don't be a poor sport and quit. commands.txt metadata.json
  22. Can be like a treasure that attacks. Fake treasure like Trojan Horse.
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