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  2. Sorry, my fault. The packing stuff, as you said. AoE3 Sioux feels enough nomad with their concept: weak buildings, not defenses at all, fast and hard hitting mobile units.
  3. we dont have many visual art from these concept of wagons. and the good idea how works is from late Middle Ages. this happens before in Adrianople. https://youtu.be/MR3ttTe5a0k?t=232 probably we are familiarized with this. second text is from Germanic invasions. but take care the Cimbrian wars. https://books.google.hn/books?id=-PXtAgAAQBAJ&pg=PA27&lpg=PA27&dq=cimbri+fort++wagon&source=bl&ots=6jzMA-NwYh&sig=ACfU3U2cPd1ZIDYuWGtlkjkvV_wHOteSug&hl=es&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi9vJT8p-LhAhUJS6wKHRgzD2AQ6AEwDXoECAcQAQ#v=onepage&q=wagons&f=false
  4. I think that is the kind of features that sounds great on paper, but in terms on gameplay doesn't work at all. Interesting topic Lion. Never thought that some "germanic" people fought Rome so early. What about a generic "Germanic" civ that represents the Cimbri/ Teutones/Ambrones alliance? 
  5. don't forget edit each building to work that way i remember see some Marvels and outpost loss ownership.
  6. if seen closely they have some presets in editor of Boom! engine AoE III and Online. http://aoe3.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=ct&f=12,37705,,10 for example trading post and treasure were custom by some presets. (I'm not sure by now, I need check the editor) but have many complex things.
  7. That's essentially what it would do, but with a UI (which is probs the hard part).
  8. I know the "packing" stuff for nomads is sexy and all, but after experimenting with this a lot in Atlas, I'm starting to think "packing" civs are kind of tedious to use. In DE I'm thinking of just making "nomadic" civs have these features: Buildings half cost, strength, and build time. No territory effects whatsoever Egalitarian units (male and female mix) Looting and Capturing bonuses "Ox Cart" dropsite Cavalry focus
  9. Yeah, I know. But much better for end user to make it an Atlas feature. One can also make a "POG" map where they paste all their cool little scenes, and then keep that open as a second Atlas instance and then copy and paste the little scenes over. But like I said, my "dream" system would probably be a lot better for the standard user (ie, 90% of people). lol
  10. What if I told you... You can do it manually for now ? Copy pasting Actors in atlas puts XML code in your clipboard. Instead of Ctrl+V in atlas do so in a text editor and save the file as your pog-group.xml somewhere. Then whenever you need it open the file select all and Ctrl + C Then you can Ctrl+v in atlas If someone wants to implement it just saving XML from clipboard and allowing someone to reload it would work.
  11. Characteristics. (WiP) Germanic peoples of the 2nd century BC. nomads at that time. use of mobile wagons as forts. Nomadic Wagon Forts. http://www.medievalists.net/2019/01/wagenberg-war-wagons/
  12. I wonder if you couldn't just eval JS through C# But I'm not sure any of it is worth it
  13. Not sure if this is something I would ever be capable of doing myself. I was thinking, since Unity is an engine running on C/C++ using C# to communicate with the built in functions/ API (My personal understanding), maybe it would be possible, without too much effort, to convert it to Unity, or atleast the skeleton, template. Maybe with the new Entety system it would be interesting for you aswell. My programming experience is limmited to C# in Unity. No Idea how to build an engine. Maybe I should look into it
  14. > C++ to C# Unity converting > new Entety system in Unity Are you saying you want to convert 0AD from C++ to C# in order to achieve what these people did with C# jobs, unity, and a data oriented entity component system? Any starting lecture for 0ad is at https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions and http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GettingStartedProgrammers. See all of the libraries that Pyrogenesis uses, one would have to replace or otherwise compensate for all of them..
  15. Hi, im learning game development in Unity with C# at the moment and want to make advanced 3D RTS game with multiplayer option and systems. I see that the source code of 0.A.D is in c++ on a custom engine. Since im all new to this im just wondering if there is any use for me to download and try to learn this code? Also, I wonder if you can show me any good example projects, good forums, books to read etc, if my goal is to learn making system based RTS games. Im thinking about implementing the new Entety system in Unity for better performance, is this a good idea to look into? Most sincerly
  16. I do this too. What we need is a true POG system (Premade Object Groups). Imagine in Atlas you go into POG mode and it loads a tiny "map" on which you can place objects. Then you save this grouping as a POG that is then added to a new sort in the object menu, which can now be placed in subsequent skirmish or scenario maps as one object (as if you're copying a pasting), or even extended to be placed by random map scripts too.
  17. I left this here to introduction post. as @Sundiata say , they can receive an treatment concept of nomadic raiders.
  18. yes we can experiment those in the mod first to reach a concept. (conceptual art and design)
  19. The topography is perfect as far as I can see. You can even imagine Cesar's siege walls and camps up on the surrounding hills.
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