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  3. What are the damage types inflicted by pikemen? 100% piercing?
  4. @Stan` You can refer to trade caravans, which will not fight back until they die.
  5. Yeah, of course. The problem lies in the time during which the building loses all its life.
  6. Rams still op vs pikeman. Ptolemies haven't a trash unit to deal to them. Mauryas can crush sucessors with Ram , Elephants and mix of trash units. Specially Ptolemies can't defeat both units.
  7. @Stan` If you set a blacksmith to work in a forge, when the forge is destroyed by the enemy, the blacksmith dies.
  8. Yeah, the fire and smoke is definitely enough of an improvement.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Only missing notifier setter on minimap now for sending to team (phab was patch? blue color or green or yellow? spam filter for sending or mute option on receiver side?)
  11. Hello, I report quitting the game by player Basiliskos, almost at the end, when the game was 100% won. @user1 @Hannibal_Barca Best regards, HerrZ commands.txt
  12. @Narxes thank you for report. Issue have been addressed. Enjoy the game
  13. Which period we can takes Yayoi and Kofun? Second and third phase can be Kofun.
  14. No they do not work and Lion did say possible features which means it that it has not happened yet nobody has written the code. Enjoy the Choice
  15. @ Lion.Kanzen but these options there are in 0 AD Vanilla? And now? Because in my vanilla doesn't work
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