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  2. Thank you for your feedback, Stan. Yeah, all these faces and vertices appearing after i had export the model as *.dae and reimport it. I was surprised, i think i make a mistake by export or import. So, i manually dissolve all these darned faces. Meanwhile i make a new model, this time from zero without "Building Tools". I began with only a cube and a plane. Also the door this time is "handmade".
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  4. Okay, I'll bite. So, you click on an enemy Spearman and see that his attack is now +1. What will you do differently that you wouldn't before this knowledge? Invest in more armor? But you'd want to do that anyway.
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  6. About what stats to show: I like wratii's approach, merging the attack stats into one and showing the kind of attack (h/p/c) with an icon. I've been playing for some time now and still can't remember the stats. I'm playing just for fun, so it's a nice to have the approx strength of a unit with one glance. Displaying fire, poison and counter bonis is impossible, but that's the same for hero bonusses etc too. Therefor there is the viewpage. Maybe it's possible to add icons for those without the number, so you know there's something you might wanna look up. The only stats that
  7. I don't disagree, but it's more complicated to implement . As for the resolution, this is just what we support right now. I haven't seen stats lately on what our users are doing, so I'm going with that for the time being. That being said, I think we could afford to enlarge the centre panel based on resolution, to fit more things. Assuming that people read tutorials is not necessarily a good idea, unfortunately. This also eases in players that come from Age of Empires, which we might want to consider since Age 2 is absolutely thriving right now. Except that this lets you
  8. e.g. rome/siege_wall_gate.xml has: <Obstruction> <Obstructions> <Right width="11.5" depth="5" x="12.25" z="0"/> <Left width="11.5" depth="5" x="-12.25" z="0"/> <Door width="13" depth="5" x="0" z="0"/> </Obstructions> </Obstruction>
  9. The right panel is currently 10x4 icons and could be changed to auto collapse if not enough space to 4x1 each of the 4 opening a submenu - preselect, build, research, train. Not saying this is the best solution but at least the room argument would no longer work. I fully agree with you that the preselect actions should be available via gui by default in some way. About the resolution of 1024 × 768, the last time I bought one of those monitors was in the 90'. Rather than absolute pixel one should consider screen format a primary concern and have properly working scaling in place.
  10. I'm not sure what component you're referring to here? Those are all center-to-center, because, respectively: - healing range is handled in unitAI - territory influence is handled in its own component doings its own thing - I believe it's centre-distance. - vision range is LOS, which is handled center-to-center, hence the 'popping' of structures when exploring. The problem is that large units might not open the gates (they'd have to be very large, but not unfathomably so). I prefer to keep it consistent for those with edge-to-edge. In practice, this remains a "cir
  11. Proper edge to edge or distance to circle around the obstruction? And heal (as in healer), territory influence, and vision ranges? Since only the middle part of gates is passable, I'd say centre to centre makes more sense for gate detection range.
  12. Thanks for the upload Daniel_King (@gator303). That was a really high level tough match. Congrats!
  13. Yes, that's one big potential issue: how to handle multiple attacks? I guess in 0 A.D. proper it's unlikely to be a very large problem (we'll probably have most units have just one attack). (and yeah icons are obviously placeholders to an extent) The problem with that is that you don't really have room for the capture bar and the resource bar (or at least not all three bars), and several of our unit names are quite long, and simply wouldn't fit. One problem is that our minimum supported resolution is 1024 × 768, which doesn't really leave much more room. The UI is already
  14. Just a small addition; having V-sync enabled while the goal is to achieve as many frames as possible, doesn't make any sense. Asides from that, this topic is nearly 1 month old - why revive it?
  15. Try this setting for graphics: Also check if you have the newest GPU driver installed. Disable power limits if you are using a laptop. Perhaps use a lower screen resolution while gaming. Low population does help; smaller maps reduce the load.
  16. Do not worry, I will not laugh. I may frown however. You can optimize this The trick is to separate those pieces, and use limited dissolve to clean the rest up. Support beams have useless bottom faces Also bevels are nice, but be careful about polycount. Same for the door and the bottom window but you should check all the wooden beams Using what I said above you should be able to clean up the roof Bonus. After cleaning everything up, you can add some props, maybe some climbing plant on of the side. It's a 3D
  17. Here is the blend-file from the joined and baked model: FachwerkhausForStanAsDae.zip
  18. Here it is, and please: don't lough ... FachwerkhausForStand1.zip
  19. We have a name ! As many of you guessed, with no Hans for A24, Xšayaṛša was the pick. It is a transliteration of the original Old Persian name for Xerxes, with Xerxes I featuring in 0 A.D. I've locked the topic, please wait with eager anticipation for the A25 name suggestion thread, and it's going to be a doozy because Y is not a common letter Thanks all for your suggestions!
  20. Can you compress it and upload it here? Make sure to pack textures into the blend file.
  21. Thanks, i'll check again the used textures, if there is one from opengameart, i will replace it. Yes
  22. Be careful about textures.com. For opengameart if non CC0 make sure it has a commercial license, and also that if their are authors to keep their names somewhere; Do you wish to have feedback on your 3DModel?
  23. I'm using: 1. The textures came from 3dtextures.com and/or cc0textures.com and/or textureheaven.com and/or textures.com and/or opengameart.com 2. Blender 2.91.0 3. Addon's Node Wrangler, Magic UV and Building Tools
  24. Hi guys, please don't lough about the result, but i would show you my first try making a model from scatch. After downloading hundereds of models, inspect them, try to learn things about meshes, unwrapping, texturing, baking and so on i've decided to build my "own" village for 0ad, which i can share without having trouble with licensing. So, here it is:
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