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    • Good Evening @user1, Lobby username: Beaugoux Offender username: nonhype (1019) He quitted without resigning  when I destroyed his army and his Civilian army. Thanks a lot! commands.txt metadata.json
    • Interesting to have a closer look at that (@wowgetoffyourcellphone already mentioned this video). The arrow method is too much hassle (GUI) and micro for my taste. Especially while in follow unit mode. But a hotkey similar to SHIFT for way points proved advantageous. Also officers should have more counter awareness. i.e. rearrange themselves if possible (because counter is what matters) Looks like they do not evacuate the wounded. Handling the wounded manually is too much micro IMO. I'd advocate for only having them hold ground or get evacuated. Not offensive actions. Also while the cavalry charge effects are better, still the speed is too high. They stand up almost immediately. In reality majority won't get up again. Not in shape. Units still do not fade out quick enough. This makes it look artificial. Either the armor is good enough or you are incapacitated. The cavalry charge interaction and the giants kicking units fly is a good start. I will have a look into this. Battles are holding us all back. Currently these really bore and turn off strategists and fighters alike. Edit: We need more friction. More counter decisiveness. Easier take out of units. Less micro. In my renewed fork I port some code back and will try to pronounce this kind of hybrid AI (0AD also has a hybrid AI but its usefulness is slightly underestimated). More like Settlers 3. Set up the industry. Get it going. Then forget mostly about it. You should set the guidelines. The overarching commander. Fight dynamics inspired by Middleearth would be great. But we can do even better. Less hectic (by divide and conquer). More strategy. BTW you know we now have Open Source Settlers 3? It's amazing! Yes, the fighting in this series isn't realistic nor great experience. 0AD is better in multiple aspects (not fighting - rather overall), but it's still nice and inspiring Settlers lack formations (besides kinda "forced march") and scale isn't ideal. 0AD could be "THE STRATEGY" adventure itself. Recent history events have encouraged 0BC's return to 0AD engine also. Everyone needs to try something to show warfare should stay virtual. We don't abandon other engine. It's simply amazing graphics and RPG component like Neverwinter Nights but some essential parts are not ready yet. Porting back and forth is less work than expected.
    • https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/PortA25ToA26
    • Quick update: I managed to install the a26 arm64 version from the debian-backports bullseye repo. Now I'll get to work porting my mod. Is there an updated guide for this?
    • There is no such feature for flattering terrain in the engine. Anything you see is the art model itself.
    • this error not happens by playing replay. was when i was observer. By the way, it didn't even happen last night. I have a good feeling now. hope it stays that way.
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