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    • I bet they're advanced rank, the second rank of units. Usually you train basic rank units (one chevron above the health bar), then there's advanced (double chevron) and elite (golden triple chevron).
    • The Roman army camp description says: "Train Advanced Melee Infantry", but in the army camp you can just train swordsmen and spearman units that are called and look the same as the ordinary units you can train in the barracks. However, when right clicking the icon to produce the units in the menu of the army camp, the soldiers are shown to have more health do more damage and have lower gather rates than the ones from the barracks - just like champions. And I have tested it: they are actually slower at collecting resources and probably have more health and do more damage too. But even though these units keep their different stats(when mixing them with other units, when garrisoning them), in some ways the game does not differentiate between those two types of swordsmen/spearmen. When selecting units of those two types they just get added and shown in the same "stack"(I don't know how it's called) in the UI area where selected units are shown. It seems like the army camp is supposed to train champions. There are unused game files for Roman spear/swordsmen champions in the code and it seems like they are supposed to be trained at the army camp. Because units trained there just behave like champions but are called and look exactly the same like "normal" units. Do you have any idea why that's the case?
    • I wouldn't know the difference (at least not in detail). But since the title of the thread is broad enough: - learn to ring the friggin bell; currently when an AI player is being raided they're good at garrisoning soldiers (when defensive buildings are in sight), but they happily leave out the women to be slaughtered.
    • In-game you can use Engine.SetSimRate(speed) where speed is the speed multiplier.
    • @Mentula g_GameSettings.gameSpeed.setSpeed(128); in console gives me this error: ERROR: JavaScript error: (eval) line 1 g_GameSettings is not defined  @(eval):1:1    
    • In /binaries/data/mods/public/simulation/templates/units  there are .xml files of units that are not in the game. For example:  -Spartan Champion Pikeman -Carthaginian Champion Pikeman  -Han champion archer
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