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    • Did You do it through the router config page, or did you just ask your provider to help you out? You do not need anyone to do it, but rather do it yourself from router configuration page. You would have to forward the port to the device on which you intend to play / host. So, if your local IP is, then you must forward :20595 to the machine at .   Why would you need an external IP to forward a port? You just need the port and the target machine on your local network, so that all incoming requests on :20595 will be forwarded to the machine which is supposed to process the data.   ...or is forwarding not enough? Does it really have to be opened? In my experience, webservers (which it technically is when you host a game) worked fine with forwarding.
    • Oh, right. The reason why i don't like EU overregulation. On the long term, it empowers BigTech - who can afford pursuing legalese stuff -, and weakens indie software devs. Well played. /close
    • Yes, but I get the same UDP port error again
    • It was another room You can't really make a GDPR request with discord so that's annoying. And some people don't want anything to do with it. Which is understandable Syncing with forums account would be tough. It requires data processing which means writing more legalese. Also the game already uses XMPP another open source protocol.
    • I installed Ubuntu Focal on my Laptop (with the Intel GPU). I built 0ad from svn and Vulkan was detected. The AppImage I built with Focal didn't detect Vulkan on that laptop. So that tells me this issue is an AppImage problem, not a 0ad problem. It's a safe bet that the same would hold true for builds on Bionic.
    • I accidentally gave han the sword upgrade, even thought they don't have swordsmen. Let me know if you see something else like this in the mod.
    • Wait, so there was actually a matrix bridge? That implies that there was a matrix room as well? Or has the 0 A.D. central, which i mentioned before, been the bridged room? But i see the problem here. Especially for the IRC it is hard to request the consent while keeping the channel open, straightforward and user-friendly. When it comes to discord tho, there might be a realizable way to do that. Despite not using DC anymore, i know of some communities there which use bots for terms of service. Like: "click the emoji-reaction to give consent", and only after you do so, you would be moved to the bridged channel. So, maybe the matrix-to-discord-thing would be a possibility. Another thought: Would it not be possible - and I am talking about the long term here -, to integrate matrix protocol into the game as well as the forums? So, any 0 A.D. multiplayer account could / would be synced with the forum account? I do not know your server capacities, and therefore i cannot tell whether or not hosting matrix infrastructure is feasible in any way. However, in connection with something like OAuth, it might provide a consistent way of connecting the community throughout both the forum and the game. That is, when it comes to private messaging. The reason why i am saying this is because the game is still in the alpha, which means that there are still a lot of possibilities for expanding the game. It appears reasonable to suggest a coherent communication protocol for both the game and the forum. Anyhow, if there should at some point be an ambition to "matrixize" stuff, i would offer myself to partake in this endeavour. Although i do not know much about the integration of matrix into other software (...yet can be learned...), i have run a small matrix server myself in the past. Same goes for the discord bridge idea mentioned above. As always, thanks for the reading time   Cheers
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