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    • You mean there is no policy in China to increase the number of people speaking formal Chinese in Tibet and in Xinjiang?  https://uhrp.org/report/briefing-assault-uyghur-language-east-turkestan/ https://www.aninews.in/news/world/us/china-removes-uyghur-language-as-medium-of-instruction-in-xinjiang20210131192933/ https://www.aninews.in/news/world/asia/china-restricts-use-of-tibetan-language-in-video-services-streaming-service20220325224010/ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinicization_of_Tibet https://oxfordre.com/communication/display/10.1093/acrefore/9780190228613.001.0001/acrefore-9780190228613-e-1333;jsessionid=4D4C21C777FE40C3C7895CD2AFF0CA96 Superpowers are so lucky to have their rivals and obviously no one want their own rivals to fall. Thanks to whataboutism, anything can be excused. "Look those evil white people did that so what we are doing is not that bad". You are so lucky to belong to one of the master race and culture defined in the narrative of a superpower. See, we are not that different. It is simply a spectrum of priviledges.
    • A remark : wouldn't it be possible to have the rice paddy buildable only near a water source (or another rice paddy with access to a water source) and have millet fields with lower production value buildable where irrigation isn't available ? It would make the placement of paddy fields more strategic, as if you put all on a line depending on one of them having access to water, the enemy destroying this watery one will make are your fields unusable (this should be made clear to the player, by the way : all the workers on the dried field putting their food in the granary/town center and becoming idle).
    • What does the Emperor Wu catafalq do ? It's written "reduces tech costs by 50%" but on the techs I checked, no it doesn't.
    • and dual audio commentary
    • What do you guys think of the Chinese reconnaissance balloon that flew over the USA? I think its a kind of fun incident to have. I am pretty sure it is the first hostile foreign aircraft downed over the USA's mainland 48 states, which is quite historic.
    • In addition, we cannot actually accept the "compromise" concepts of colonies, protectorate countries, or "mandate rule". If the high degree of autonomy of the dependent countries under the feudal system cannot be maintained, then the Chinese have only two choices-to convert the original feudal system The vassals are converted into provinces under a unitary system, and all the people of the vassals are incorporated into the citizen collective, or completely abandon the sovereignty and suzerainty that China enjoyed over the vassals under the feudal system in the past, so that the vassals can establish an independent country with complete sovereignty. It is obviously impossible for the Chinese to accept the latter, because in the era of imperialist hegemony at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, giving up the original vassals was equivalent to "contributing" these vassals to Western colonialist countries as colonies, while Let China be in the dilemma of being continuously compressed, surrounded and even destroyed. After losing Ryukyu, Taiwan, Vietnam and Korea, Japan's aggression against the three northeastern provinces and the establishment of "Manchukuo" became the most intuitive warning to the Chinese at that time . While being described as an evil dragon by Western imperialism, the Chinese are only trying to escape from the crisis of being invaded and oppressed by imperialism, and are always nervously preparing for self-defense to prevent another crisis of national subjugation.
    • And I can say bluntly that the frontier ethnic issues that China is facing now are precisely because after the Republican Revolution in 1911, we borrowed from the French idea, that is, a republic must implement a complete unitary system, instead of retaining the feudal system to allow Provinces and feudal states exist at the same time. Compared with the harsh treatment of the Brittany and Corsica by the French after 1893, French, which is only 50% used in the entire French Republic, is used to cover other national languages. After 1949, at least we did not use Chinese, which accounts for more than 95% of the mother tongue in the entire Republic, to fully cover other languages, so we never felt that we were cruel compared to Europeans.
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