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    • @andy5995 great! Thank you very much . One observation: I think Italian Peninsula should also allow to select civilizations.
    • I support the damage nerf for ranged cav. If something could be done to make it easier for spearman to poke escaping cav that'd be great.  Like faster turning, acceleration, and/or attack prepare time for melee infantry. But not faster top speed.  Or reduce acceleration and turn speed for cav. 
    • @user1  Myusername: Bete Offender: lzipizi123 commands.txt
    • For me, either no nerf, or the small damage nerf for skirm cav and archer cav only. For the reasons I already wrote in this thread, I think cavalry is in a good place currently. It's already very hard to have an effective rush if the defender plays appropriately. Infantry is still plenty useful. Etc
    • @chrstgtrYes it's skill level. But skill level is defending from opponents' side. I assume skills are similar. Point is that it's risky build and can work only if opponent make big mistake. On other side, you are on bigger risk of making mistake b/c of much micro. Maybe recent Tournament game ValihrAnt vs Feldfeld is example? Vali's attack failed against lower rating player (idk about "skills" tho). Yes, I watch every ValihrAnt game and watched nice Cav play in Vinme vs dakeryas (again vinme more rating than dak). It mostly end up in mid or late game as someone already said. TLDR; I am still new so I will not insist. But I just scared that we will make P1 game more dead. It's already pretty much dead in 99% of ~1400-1500 rating games. Dude you must build cav and do some micro/scouting early game, you can't just boom to 250, send entire army + rams + hero and see "gg".   Cheers!
    • Glad you're beginning to play with more diverse play styles. But what you describe mostly has to do with your skill level and that won't be changed by any of these changes. I suggest you watch some games with high level players to get better and see how units can be used.  This is skill level.  This is untrue, if used correctly. 
    • Please don't nerf P1 cav.  I use them a lot early game recently. They are expensive and you are on big risk of being overwhelmed just for small mistake. It works only if player is veeeeery slow with reactions to pull gatherers. On other side it's so hard to keep eco going and you either forget housing, resources balancing or unit production. So, I basically helps only to confuse opponent since no real damage can be done. But you are on risk of being confused b/c of a loooot of microing on other side of map. Or you can send them into blob of opponent's infantry during some work around CC and lose them all - I think I saw it in the recent Vali vs Feldfeld tournament game. That's quite disaster.   P.S. We talked about that starting from this message: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/83784-introducing-the-official-community-mod-for-alpha-26/page/17/#comment-529865
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