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    • I think we should promote 0AD as much as we can or find funds for this project.
    • i think we're just players of online games, it's hard for publishers to give us ideas like this because everyone gives an opinion they won't be able to listen to them unless the opinion is supported by a large number of people. So let's have fun, be it casual online games, have fun
    • Per Latest supported Visual C++ Redistributable downloads | Microsoft Learn at least, platform toolset v143 (from VS2022) is still compatible with Windows Vista and newer, and per Which SDK do I need to ensure Windows 7 compatibility in Visual Studio C++ 2017 - Stack Overflow, the Windows 10 SDK can still build apps for Windows 7 given the right compiler flags - so it at least sounds like an appropriately motivated individual could upgrade the code / build system without losing compatibility (and unblock use of newer language features).
    • This is true, the real solution is to completely silence the hate speech, but my point is it would be nice to allow players some control. Just something like the opposite of "mark as buddy"   A blocklist is better here, because one would have to "allow" a lot of players, while you might only need to block one or two bad actors. Also we should encourage inclusion of new players to team games and 1v1s, and I'm afraid that an "allow" list for game setup would exclude new players.
    • Hi! First off, i am new here and have stumbled upon this game only a week ago, so i am begging your pardon if it is the wrong place for a bug report. Well - great mod! I have just installed it and tried the Carolingians. Nice game design for that fraction and tech tree, from what i can tell. But it gives me an error when i create a caro stone gate. It says: "Model art/meshes/structural/caro_wall_gate_door is boned with unboned animation. It sounds like a minor issue to me, i do not know much about animation and models. But after this occurred, i wanted to report it to you real quick. Anyways, this modding stuff looks amazing so far. I have been modding skyrim for quite a while, and maybe this game is god's invitation to expand my skills and take a deeper look. Let's see, will dive into this in the following weeks. Have a nice day folks!
    • I don't think that ignoring a user solves the problem, because bullying is a "performance art" that is connected with an audience. A solution is to silence the bully, which eliminates the audience. In fact, ignoring a bully removes one's ability to try to defend onself against a bully, or at least maintain situational awareness. Speaking of which, bullying doesn't happen in a vacuum. There are supporters who are not as visible, but laughing at the bully's jokes is a form of support. So is bullying a person back. Let's please check ourselves for this type of support for bullying and discontinue it. In addition, let's add mute functionality and allowlist (aka invite-only) functionality to the game.
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