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    • Yes, I have 2 monitors setting within 2 inches of each other.  But they are not connected together.  The one is the LG TV I am using as a monitor, and the other is a 27" iMac with the monitor included.  But, I was under the impression there would not be any bleed from one monitor to the other since they are on different computers even though I have them both running at the same time.  Am I wrong here?   Thanks.  
    • So I'll have to make a new texture? I could try to lay it out nicely for someone with Gimp skills Thanks, I can remove those. It's just two faces which are partly inside so i didn't know if it's better to get rid of it. I guess hidden textures are even worse than a few additional tris? I tried using it on the dome, unfortunately it kills the stairs on top. Using mark sharp works but doesn't get good results. Nevertheless I cut down tris of the dome by half, let's see how it looks in the end. Object data properties -> Normals -> Auto Smooth is greyed out for some reason. Yes definitely. I think the columns especially have a lot. I'll cut it down. At the beginning it's hard to estimate how many segments a cylinder should have and i thought it would be easier to delete than to add geometry. I might lower the tris of the inside as well as it is only visible through the hole anyway.
    • will be lovely if you can share the errors you receive @Hoze
    • Correct, the planet wouldn't be to scale obviously: It would be more the size of a small meteor technically speaking. That's the one bit of realism that wouldn't be possible... unless someone wanted to wait an hour for the map to finish generating then get 1 FPS if the system doesn't run out of memory in the process, we might get something the size of the moon in that case Then again this is an environment where an entire empire is built in 30 minutes as buildings and people are created and grow up in mere seconds, spacetime scale would never be accurate. That is fascinating to hear about! Is it going to be an open-source project we will all be able to enjoy? Any demos screenshots or videos that can be shared at this date? I always wanted to see a scifi RTS built on Pyrogenesis, the engine is great for it and other genres as well. Also a fun little fact: Part of what inspired me to consider this feature is a game from my early childhood. I believe it was called Populous, I'm sure there's at least one other person here who's heard of it and played that decades ago. It was the first fully 3D game I ever played and one of the earliest: It was a RTS where 4 tribes met and fought on different planets using shamans and magic. I don't think it had planet mapping for the world either, especially in that era I doubt they could have went that far even if they wanted... I do remember you chose a planet from the menu or something like that.
    • I don't build stone walls, not because they are weak, but because I devote my workers and resources to making an army, military production buildings, and getting blacksmith upgrades. If you wall off your town that is nice,  but you generally cannot wall off a safe space for woodcutters. If you are stuck behind your walls with an inferior army,  your opponent can continue to outgrow you, take map control, and attack you when you venture out. I think there is a case for making walls when your opponent is using cav armies and I'm interested in exploring that.
    • Do you have more than one monitor? If so then you need to either disconnect all monitors except one or change your version of the SDL library to avoid a bug related to mouse scrolling.
    • I upscaled the sphynx which is already in the game. Could use some more geometry. The beard is missing and the head is too big compared to the body. Apart from that it already looks nice The texture doesn't seem as pixelated as expected.    
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