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    • In DE* the Spartan Hoplite gets an "Olympic Champion" upgrade, max of 2, as body guards to the king. Supposedly 2 Olympic champions would flank the king at the front right of the Spartan Phalanx. The Olympic Champions get laurel wreaths on their helmets and the Dodona pattern on their shield. They get extra health and attack, making them an Uber champion, but not quite heroes, similar to the "Silver Shields" upgrade for Macedonian Hypaspists in DE*.     *I say this a lot because most things I would suggest I would have already put into my mod, so the mod becomes an easy example in discussions like these. If inclined, folks can go straight to the mod and test out exactly what I am suggesting. 
    • If we look at the way that the game was originally designed, most techs were meant to be paired, having the player choose between the two with different benefits.  Earlier alphas incorporated that, but the results were a bit mixed, leaving the current gamestate without that mechanic.  My take is that there should be choices provided that they are meaningful ones and play to different possibilities during the timeframe in which they were represented.  With Rome it might be a matter of trying to consider the demands of the plebeians over the senatorial elite.  Carthage might be a matter of relying on foreign mercenaries or locals for its military.  
    • Hey, I guess it's EA yes but not sure about it 
    • Hey, thank you so much for sharing the mod 
    • Oh, those are Citizen Cavalry from the Syrian Tetrapolis. In DE the Seleucids have Persian Light Cavalry as well. EA doesn't? 
    • It is turned on and off with Space+Ctrl or Ctrl-Space. It's a must have I think.
    • The brutal massacre of the Iberian town of La Hoya https://historia.nationalgeographic.com.es/a/brutal-masacre-poblado-iberico-hoya_15725 https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=&sl=es&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fhistoria.nationalgeographic.com.es%2Fa%2Fbrutal-masacre-poblado-iberico-hoya_15725&sandbox=1 A study carried out by Spanish and British researchers on the discovered human remains of the inhabitants of this Iberian site located in Álava sheds new light on how they died: brutally murdered. An atrocious attack on an Iron Age city in northern Spain in the mid-4th or late 3rd century BC left more than a dozen corpses of men, women, and children strewn in the streets as the city burned. The injuries inflicted on the people who died there were horrible. One individual was beheaded, two had their arms severed and nearly half of the remains showed signs of mutilation, archaeologists studying the area have recently discovered. Now, a new study of the victims' bones, the first detailed investigation of their injuries, led by researcher Teresa Fernández-Crespo, of the University of Oxford, and published by the journal Antiquity, suggests they were killed by a neighboring community during a calculated takeover or act of revenge. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Hoya,_Alava  
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