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    • I see. I would say most players saw it as a success, probably because of the faster turnaround on new content. With regards to splitting the community, I think this could be improved going forward. The primary reason to play the community mod (at least early on) was because of its bugfix for the Han farming techs. Because of this, the community mod became the default version of the game for a large group of players. So, subsequent versions were heavily vetted with voting to ensure only guaranteed improvements were merged. What resulted was in my eyes, a much less ambitious version compared to the possibilities the community mod provides.  My thoughts are if the mod adopts a more experimental approach, like a community test environment, the majority of games will take place on a27, with those curious to try out new content playing occasionally on the mod. With this more experimental approach, both players and contributors should be more welcoming to ambitious content, which may be imbalanced, or otherwise sub-optimal. The "risk" of playing the mod would be that some things may be bad changes and some may be great changes, and to avoid this risk, I imagine players would prefer vanilla 0ad rather than playing the community mod alone.
    • That doesn't sound like a good idea. Downloaded the latest appimage and it ran with vulkan just fine on an amd gpu (vega 8), so which image is apparently broken?
    • I actually saw a cashier do just that. There was a boy who didn't have enough money so she paid for him; afterwards she said "Did you see what he wanted to buy? He was hungry."
    • SDL loads it (inside it might search for different paths).
    • Geld ist eine Fiktion; Money is a fiction. See the familiarity beween german "geld" and english "guilt" here? That is what money is. There can be no money unless there is debt, that is how it is created. Money, respectively the monetary system, as we know it now is really just a way of urging everyone to be productive. China for example solves this in another way, but the goals are equal. Actually, our monetary system can be interpreted as kind of a social credit system (note the word "credit" in there, which implies connection to debt). For example, try to see money as expression of economical energy, and you will very soon see: economical energy comes from exchanging goods and services. It is not money as an object, but rather as expression of a workflow. By the way, money developed that character mainly as international trade evolved. In the middle ages, a western-european person would have been considered rich if they had many possesions, while it means having a high income now, in the 20th-21st century.   Gewollt ist eigentlich nicht das treffendste Wort. Ich würde eher sagen, es ist systemimmanent. Denn wenn das Geld in einer Weise verteilt wäre, die nicht die Mehrheit der Menschen weltweit permanent zwänge, einen Geldgeber zu finden, dann wären Kriege, Reichtum und Umweltzerstörung im heutigen Ausmaß gar nicht möglich. Aber die Menschen haben eben einen Glauben - Materialismus -, der das Hamsterrad weiter laufen lässt. Und wie Orwell so treffend feststellte, wird die Hamsterrad-Energie zunehmend zur Zerstörung von Wohlstand eingesetzt. Die Vorstufe ist der Konsumkreislauf Werbung-Konsum-Schulden-Arbeit-Produktion-Verkauf-Werbung-Konsum. Und irrt nicht, ohne Schulden geht es nicht.   Die Endstufe der Rohstoffvernichtug ist und bleibt der Krieg: man steckt einfach 230.000€ in ein Kanonenrohr und weg ist die aufgewendete Arbeitskraft. Und im Zweifelsfall "helfen" die besiegten mit ihrer Arbeit aus, oder werden für den ganzen Spaß zur Rechenschaft gezogen.   Und die Bürger müssen natürlich nicht für die Rüstungsindustrie arbeiten. Aber die Unternehmen werden eben größer, und irgendwann werden sie auch wichtigere Arbeitgeber. Waffen bauen, oder kein Job. Und die brauchen viele Ressourcen: Mathematiker, Informatiker, Hausmeister, Ingenieure, Physiker...   Plus: in einer moralisch korrekten Gesellschaft ist es legitim, wenn man diejenigen, die nicht für den Krieg arbeiten, der dem Frieden dient, eben nicht in der Weise behandelt, wie man einen Friedenskämpfer behandeln würde, der immer weiter und weiter an den eigenen Sieg - und damit an den Sieg des Guten höchstselbst - glaubt (da ist es wieder), und dementsprechend in hingebungsvoller Weise seine Zeit und Kraft in den hehren Gemeinschaftszweck investiert.   Wenn 70 Prozent der Menschen von heute auf morgen streiken würden, wäre Geld wertlos (solange wir noch keine Industrie 4.0 haben). Wenn alle Menschen ihr Geld von den Girokonten abheben würden, gingen die entsprechenden Banken pleite. Dafür zu sorgen, dass das nicht passiert, nennt man dann "Spekulation".  Das Thema kann Bücher füllen.   Das, was Geld ist, ist Glaube. Selbiges gilt aber auch für alle anderen gedanklichen Konzepte des Menschen. Unser Verstand ist nicht dazu geeignet, die Welt zu ergründen. Aber dennoch verwechseln wir die Wahrnehmungen unserer Sinne ständig mit der "real world". That is what money is. A belief. But that also goes for any other consciosness-related concepts in human beingness. The importance of it comes down to the moments of action, and how the formerly described belief would affect the nature of resulting action.   Assume that i was selling food in the groceries, believing to do a daytime job, believing that i will get money for it at a fictional time called "future", which is likely to happen because i do also believe that my boss does believe in these very same things, or at least in something alike that we call "financial system".   Now, let's further assume that someone came to the grocery store i worked in. They were hungry and told me that they had no money. I could now, in this moment of action (s.a.) decide to actually do anything. I could say "Sorry, but you have to pay for that"; i could say "i will pay for it, take it." and then do so; i could jump on a table, spin around thrice and spontaneously poop (my philosophy teacher used to describe it like that), i could....     Yea, that is the springende Punkt. The possibilities of conscious behaviour are always being framed by subconscious beliefs, the concept of "money" (or Geld/guilt) being one of them. And worst of all, the concept and emotion of guilt are almost always of a destructive nature. To say it with Alan Watts: "When people feel guilty about a situation, they do not try to actually change something about the situation, but rather to feel alright about it".  (sinngemäß)   Chose your beliefs wisely. "Enjoy the choice "
    • @vladislavbelov@Stan` @hyperionRegarding the appimage problem with the Vulkan backend disabled, I got this reply from one of the AppImage maintainers     So... no surprise there. I was able to bundle libvulkan.so into the appimage, and had the same problem. I then ran `ldd pyrogenesis | grep vulkan` and found no reference to libvulkan. How is libvulkan being referenced normally when pyrogenesis is run?
    • Geld ist massig da; konnte man ja zB bei den Corona-Hilfen sehen, oder jetzt mal eben 100 Mrd € extra für Rüstung. Dass das gemeine Volk davon nicht viel hat ist gewollt.
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