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Kazu's Feedback

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Kazu Kun


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Posted 15 February 2012 - 03:50 AM

Okay, So I wasn't sure rather or not I should create this since my last topic got troll'd
But Since I care about this game, I'm going to make it anyways..

Here I will list the multiple encounters of problems I have in-game (and possible fixes for them, but probably not.)


First on the list, which some basic searching in the forums you can find the answers;
  • In-Game LAG -
As stated by 'shnbwmn'

The game engine is being optimized with every alpha update. It's a known issue that once there are many players/buildings the game lags, but expect the performance to be enhanced in future releases.

And just to clear it up with the Island Maps.. (same thread, yes, I know..)

Island maps should not be considered implemented at this point, not only doesn't the AI understand naval combat/the concept of islands yet, but we need yet to implement special pathfinding for ships. In other words: we're aware of the issues and intend to fix them :)

Also, more than one AI is probably not recommended at this point I'm afraid. At least not on larger maps.

-Steps Taken to help Prevent LAG in Alpha XIII by the Common USER


  • Random AI Failure errors keep appearing? [Error Message reads as following; Warning: Javascript warning:Simulation/ai/common-api/utils.js (Lines 3, 4, and 104) ]
These are because you have your map fully exposed or because your playing ISLANDS ( I haven't really gotten around to narrowing it down to which it is yet.. I will edit this when I figure it out..)


  • Random Sound missing errors keep appearing?
Try Uninstalling, then re-installing, I was previously experiencing these problems, and I did the basic steps of Uninstall the game, Wait.. Re-install the game.. Wait.. Play :) and it just so happened to fix its self [If other reasons for this error are known, please let me know so i can Update this :) ]

<(^.^)^(>^.^)> ~ More to come ~ <(^.^<)^(^.^)>

Edited by Kazu Kun, 15 February 2012 - 03:55 AM.

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